The goal of this campaign is that our citizens try to find their products within Nacogdoches County before looking elsewhere. Check out our videos and blogs about how you can still support your local community while shopping online!


Keep up with the Shop Nac First Campaign on Facebook, the City of Nac Blog, and the NacChat Podcast. By staying aware of what is happening in your community, you will become an ambassador for our local campaign!

Jessi Pinkert, City of Nacogdoches

The City of Nacogdoches and the Nacogdoches County Chamber of Commerce—along with other constituents in the community— have launched a reboot of our citywide campaign, Shop Nac First! This campaign was created many years ago to raise awareness of the importance of buying local within our community. This campaign promotes local businesses and urges our residents and visitors to do their shopping and dining within Nacogdoches County. By shopping, dining, drinking, playing, and utilizing local services within our community, we can help Nacogdoches’ local businesses to remain unique, successful, and vibrant!


What about online businesses? The lure of shopping online is sometimes hard to resist. Shopping local can also include online businesses owned by local Nacogdoches residents. Many of our Nacogdoches businesses have an online presence, and it is important to support them on their many platforms! Recent Supreme Court rulings regarding sales tax should make it easier for our city to collect sales tax from online businesses; however, shopping in person in a brick and mortar store will always have the biggest economic impact in our community.


Businesses that have a location in Texas have been required for many years to pay sales tax to cities where their customers receive deliveries of online orders. For example, there may not be a Nordstrom’s in Nacogdoches, but there is one in Texas. If you were to order a dress from and have it delivered to Nacogdoches, Nordstrom would pay the sales tax to Nacogdoches. Recently, the Supreme Court ruled this in as a nationwide manner! The new ruling will ensure all cities in Texas are receiving the sales tax they are entitled to. Many local businesses, specifically boutique retailers have an online shop as well as a store, and can offer free ship to store options. Purchasing local helps grow other businesses as well as the city tax base. Approximately 1 dollar for every 100 spent in Nacogdoches goes back to the City.


Buying local helps preserve the character and prosperity of the city we all love. Nacogdoches is as unique as it sounds, and is unlike any other city in the world. The unique character of Nacogdoches is what brought us here and will keep us here. By choosing to support locally owned businesses, we help maintain the diversity and distinctive flair of Nacogdoches. This week, we encourage you to make a purchase from your favorite local business!

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