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These videos were created to raise awareness of the Shop Nac First campaign and encourage our citizens to look in Nacogdoches before shopping outside of our community. 

Please feel free to share these videos on your social media platforms to spread information about the benefits of supporting your local businesses!

Relaunch of Shop Nac First
Qs From You: Why shopping locally matters
Shop Nac First: The benefits to shopping local
Why I Shop Nac First: Abigail, Parastoo, and Saville 
Shop Nac First
(Created by SFA Student)
Why I Shop Nac First: Alyssa, Bo,
and Tim
Qs From You: Online shopping
Shop Nac First: Supporting local businesses
Why I Shop Nac First: Noah, Meaghan, and Kelly
Shop Nac First
(Created by Alyssa Faykus)
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